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It’s been more than thirty years since I launched my first business venture and since then I’ve built up a diverse portfolio of interests. 


In the early days – between 1978 and 1990- my focus was almost entirely on the leisure industry. Like most young businessmen I had my share of successes and setbacks while learning valuable lessons that would stand me in good stead as my plans became more ambitious. In the early 1990s, I identified that the international business scene suited my abilities and started a direct mail company based in Moscow. From there I moved on to set up an international factoring business from Gibraltar. That in turn provided me with the skill to identify further opportunities and I moved into the international telecoms market. It was a business that saw me travelling the world over a 12-year period, negotiating and implementing telecoms contracts. (To-date I have conducted business in 24 countries.) 

With the arrival of the new millennium I began to invest in the UK commercial property market with a focus on the West Midlands.  In recent years I have embarked on a policy of participating in the creation of businesses with Intellectual Property based values. My portfolio, which you can see brief details on this site, although compact at this time, lists businesses that I own and invest in through my vehicle City Capital Limited


I characterise myself as a “disruptive pioneer” because my modus operandi has been underpinned by a willingness to try new business models.  I run my business differently. Right from the beginning I’ve preferred to work with a small core of employees and trusted advisers. Outsourcing and sub-contracting is a model that has, and continues, to work well for me.



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